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8 Storage Unit Sizes to Fit all Your Needs!

Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what size you need based on what your needs are today and days to come.

5 x 5 (25 sq.ft.)

How to Visualize

Small half-bathroom

How Much Will Fit

Small furniture: a chest of drawers, several boxes and other small items.  This small unit is ideal for yard equipment, office files and supplies. You’d be surprised what you can store in this space for the price!


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5 x 10 (50 sq.ft.)

How to Visualize

Walk-In closet

How Much Will Fit

A couch, chair, chest of drawers, mattress set, boxes and other small items.  This would be the size for a studio apartment, size of a bathroom and yard equipment as well as plenty of storage space for office equipment and supplies.


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10 x 10 (100 sq.ft)

How to Visualize

Average size bedroom

How Much Will Fit

Standard furnishings from a one-bedroom apartment with a refrigerator or washer and dryer, plus boxes and other small items.


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10 x 15 (150 sq.ft.)

How to Visualize

Large bedroom

How Much Will Fit

Furnishings from a small house or two-bedroom apartment or small house without appliances, plus cartons and small items.


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10 x 20 (200 sq.ft.)

How to Visualize

Small one-car garage

How Much Will Fit

Furnishings from a small house or two-bedroom home with appliances or a car or truck.

$120.00 Sale $105.00

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10 x 25 (250 sq.ft.)

How to Visualize

Standard one-car garage

How Much Will Fit

Furnishings from a two-bedroom home with appliances or a car, truck or boat.


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10 x 30 (300 sq.ft.)

How to Visualize

Extra-long one-car garage

How Much Will Fit

Furnishings from a three-bedroom home with appliances or a car, truck or boat. Unit will hold contents of a 40-foot moving van.


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10 x 35 (350 sq. ft.)

How to Visualize

Double deep garage

How Much Will Fit

A 4-5 bedroom homes with appliances, including patio furniture, garage extras or vehicle or boat.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a moving trailer I can use?2019-04-14T22:47:53+00:00

Yes. If you need a moving trailer, we will have one available for your use if you will be spending a minimum of $150.00 on storage over the next few months. Please call for details, (208) 777-5082.

What kinds of things cannot be stored in a unit?2019-04-14T22:46:59+00:00

Hazardous and toxic materials are strictly prohibited. This includes petroleum products, acetone, etc.
If you have any questions about certain items, please check with the manager.

Do you have any specials for military, students or seniors?2019-04-14T22:46:01+00:00

Yes! Please check with our manager for details. Do you have a referral program? YES! If you are an existing tenant who refers a customer to us who rents a unit, we will pay you $20.00 in cash! Ask your manager for specific information.

Do you sell boxes and packing supplies?2019-04-14T22:45:22+00:00

Yes, we have a wide variety of boxes in several sizes along with other packing supplies such as mattress covers, tape, utility knives, magnet lights, rope, gloves, batteries and much more, all at discounted prices, in the office.

What types of payments do you accept?2019-04-14T22:44:40+00:00

We accept checks, money orders, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We can set up an automatic payment on your credit card or debit card for ease of payment for you. We have a drop slot near our office door for after hour payments; please clearly notate your unit number.

Do I need insurance?2019-04-14T22:44:11+00:00

We have insurance available at a very reasonable rate through our affiliate insurance company. Your manager will assist you with this when you rent your unit.

How secure are my belongings?2019-04-14T22:43:35+00:00

We have the most current security technology available, with over 20 cameras on site, we also have a full time manager on-site. The gated access allows only those with an access code to enter. You will have your own special access code (which you will select) so you will be able to enter the access gate. We have over 20 video cameras throughout the property that provide surveillance. Our gate software keeps track to everyone who enters and leaves the property, so we always know who has been coming and going. Our site is fully fenced and well-lit for night time access.

When do I have access to my unit?2019-04-14T22:42:50+00:00

Our standard access hours are from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. 7 days a week, even on holidays. We can provide 24-hour access to businesses that need it, upon request. Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Our manager has a number that you can call after hours in case of an emergency, which will be provided to you upon rental contract.

Do I have to sign a lease?2019-04-14T22:42:07+00:00

Our contracts are month-to-month and you can move in or out as you desire. If you anticipate being with us long term, we do offer specials so please inquire about those.

Do I need a lock?2019-04-14T22:41:21+00:00

Yes, we sell locks for $14.95, along with a complete range of packing supplies that include boxes, tape, mattress bags, plastic bubble wrap, step ladders, etc. All of our packing supplies are value-priced.

What size units do you have and what size do I need?2019-04-14T22:40:26+00:00

Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what size you need based on what your needs are. We have a helpful sizing guide as a reference. We have units as small as (5X5) and units as large as (10×35).

What are your rates and fees?2019-04-14T22:39:29+00:00

Our rates are competitive and we offer specials at times. We do have a small $10.00 administration fee but no application fees. You will be pleased with our state of the art facility with the newest high tech security, software and design. Our friendly staff is always there to help with choosing the right size unit, offering helpful tips and making this an enjoyable experience.