Packing can be tedious for some or exhilarating for others, I guess it really depends on the reason for packing.  My biggest lesson in packing over the years is to do it in an organized manner.  I always start as early as possible and always start with an inventory list. Start with the items you do not use every day, like china, holiday items, books.  I go through each room and make a list of the items I am packing and which box those items are in.  This way it saves me time and possibly money not having to dig in the wrong boxes or possibly buy something I already have.  It is also a good idea to mark boxes you may need access to with a symbol or name.

If you have children you can make packing fun for them too, they can make piles of items they want to keep to pack and a pile of items they can donate.  This is always a good time to purge your home.  I have my kids use blankets and towels to pack any breakable items, this saves on bubble wrap.

Another item to pay close attention to, is the weight of the box, do not over pack a box with too many heavy items.  An average medium size moving box is 18x18x16, this holds 65 pounds.  If you prefer the larger moving box, that is 18x18x24 and that holds up to 65 pounds as well.

Clearly label all the boxes, and store them so you can easily access the ones you need.  I keep a stash of heavy marker pens, tape, wrap, pads and trash bags in a basket that is handy to find and tote around.

Best of luck with your packing, with these tips, it should go very smooth!